Monthly Archives: January 2013

January 26: Enchanted Forest Sanctuary field trips

For the past few years, Joe Swingle and I have led a field trip for “beginners” at Brevard County’s lovely Enchanted Forest Sanctuary, where Joe is a naturalist. This year we led two. Bill Thompson from Bird Watcher’s Digest came along on one to help. Between field trips, I went back to Merritt Island briefly, where I saw the male hummer who’s been visiting the feeders at the visitor center.

New birds, bringing my total to 167:

  1. Eastern Screech-Owl (I heard it make the whinny call twice. Archimedes has been calling lately, and my missing him is probably why my ears picked it out.)
  2. Ruby-throated Hummingbird
  3. Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
  4. Orange-crowned Warbler

January 25: Moore Cultural Center and Merritt Island

Led a field trip to the Moore Cultural Center. People there are interested in making the grounds into a welcoming bit of habitat. After the field trip and a bit of lunch, I went to Merritt Island, to the Visitor Center, along the Wildlife Drive, and to the Scrub-Jay area. Brought my total to 163 with these new species:

  1. Eurasian Wigeon
  2. American Wigeon
  3. Northern Pintail
  4. American Avocet
  5. Greater Yellowlegs
  6. Lesser Yellowlegs